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The Ram Saga, Part 1

After writing up the draft of our review of the Ram, B came to me, and asked me to read through it before she posted it (and also to remind me that I have been slacking on writing my review of Two Kilts Brewing – coming soon, I swear!).  After relaying the line “I would rather go to Migration” to me, the fight began!

For those of you who don’t know B and myself, when we argue, it normally ends badly…we are both quite stubborn, so yielding on points rarely ever happens.  To sum it all up – we disagree, but we found some interesting stuff, which will require more research.

The crux of B’s argument is that the Ram doesn’t brew their beer in Oregon.  The challenge of this is a complete lack of information as to their true origins/history; their website says “locally brewed”, yet they have 20 locations across several states (including as far away as Indiana), and have the same beer list (hell, the exact same website, beyond the logo) as the CB & Potts Restaurant & Brewery in Colorado.  After a little poking around the world wide internets, we stumbled upon this screenshot from the website of our favorite social beer drinking app, Untappd:

Untappd Ram Page

Courtesy Untappd

Well, damn.  Looks like they are in Washington, and B is right.

But, if that’s the case, why does the Ram in Clackamas have a mash tun out front?

Courtesy Ram's Website

Courtesy Ram’s Website

It even looks like it might be plumbed into something; who would go through with that level of effort for a visual effect (who isn’t George Lucas or Michael Bay)?  It can’t be that easy…so, unwilling to give up the fight, and admit I’m wrong (see note above about being stubborn), I decided to keep searching their website.  Ram’s list of awards won at the Great American Beer Festival piqued my interest; I had been on the website before, and noticed they listed the state the beer was brewed in as part of their archives of winners.  Off to cross reference!  Let’s see…pull up GABF’s winner’s list, search Ram Restaurant…uh, what?

Courtesy Great American Beer Festival

Courtesy Great American Beer Festival

Either I’ve had WAY too much to drink today, or the “Ram Restaurant & Brewery” has won awards based on being in FIVE different states.

Thus concludes Part 1 of The Ram Saga. Part 2 shall commence whenever K finds the motivation to login and write shit.


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