Rose City Brew Review

We Drink Bad Beer, So You Don't Have To!

It all started…

…in the summer of 2011 when B and K found themselves in Beervana, Oregon. B was starting graduate school in PDX and K lived on the coast for a cheese company that shall remained unnamed (hint: Cheese. Oregon. Put two and two together, would ya? I can’t hold your hand through all of this!) K would come visit B for the weekend and since we both liked to have a drink every once and awhile, we stumbled upon the Portland Craft Brewing scene pretty quickly. After we realized the sheer number of craft breweries in Oregon, we hatched a diabolical plan to visit and have a taster tray at every. single. damn. one. of them by the time B graduates in August, 2014.

Since we were new to actual good beer (read: not Keystone, Bud Light, Miller High Life and the mass-produced like), when we started out with taster trays, we really had no fucking clue what we were talking about. We still don’t on occasion. So when N and K were assimilated by the borg moved to Portland to be closer to beer, er, work and career opportunities, we revisited our then-favorite brewpubs and taprooms. We realized that our tastes had changed, evolved, if you will, and B argues that we should start the great beer tasting journey over, with a blog as documentation and a little bit better knowledge of how beer is made, the styles out there, and our own beer preferences.

So there you have it. We finally got off our lazy asses made a damn blog. We hope you enjoy our efforts to celebrate the wonderfulness that is Oregon beer!


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