Rose City Brew Review

We Drink Bad Beer, So You Don't Have To!

To Do: Breweries!

4th Street Brewing
Alameda Brewhouse (2 locations)
Ambacht Brewing
Amnesia Brewing
Base Camp Brewing: Review
BJ’s Restaurant and Brewery (2 locations)
Breakside Brewery: Review
Bridgeport Brewery
Buckman Village Brewery
Burnside Brewing

Bushwhacker Cider: Review coming soon!
Captured by Porches
Cascade Barrel House (2 locations)
Coalition Brewing Company
Columbia River Brewing
Commons, The
Deschutes Brewery
Fire on the Mountain Brewery: Review
Kell’s Brewpub: Review coming soon!
Gigantic Brewing: Review

Golden Valley Brewing
Hair of the Dog Brewing
Harvester Brewing
Hopworks Urban Brewery (2 locations): Review
Humble Brewing
Laurelwood Public House and Brewery: Review coming soon!
Lompoc Brewing (5 locations): Review coming soon!
Lucky Labrador Brewing (4 locations): Review coming soon!
MacTarnahans Brewing/Pyramid
Mash Tun, The

Max’s Fanno Creek Brew Pub
McMenamins (50 locations wtf)
Migration Brewing: Review
Natian Brewing
Occidental Brewing
Old Market Pub and Brewery (2 locations)
Old Town Brewing Company: Review
Philadelphia’s Steaks and Hoagies
Pints Brewing
Ram Restaurant and Brewery (2 locations): Review

Rock Bottom Brewing
Rogue Ales Distillery and Public House (2 locations)
Sasquatch Brewing
Stickmen Brewery: Review
Tugboat Brewing
Two Kilts Brewing: Review coming soon!
Upright Brewing
Vertigo Brewing
Widmer Brothers Brewing: Review coming soon!

In case you were too lazy to count wondering, there are 49 on the list. We will be adding some other places we are fond of but aren’t necessarily breweries, like Apex, Bailey’s Taproom, Belmont Station, Uptown, etc. They will be in a special category. We may also include some special locations as well, like the legit Rogue in Newport, or Ninkasi in Eugene (N is a huge fan of their Sleighr winter seasonal). We know what you must be thinking, “There is already forty-freaking-nine on the list, wtf are you guys adding more for?!” but we just really love a good brew. Also, a beer lover’s work is never done, young chaps. There could always be homebrewing adventures on the horizon.


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